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Soil Stabilization

Our soil stabilization service makes soil stronger and increases its bearing capacity. Our team will ensure your property’s soil can withstand the structure you plan to build. We provide this service in Lancaster and surrounding areas.


Soil Stabilization

Cement Stabilization

Soil cement stabilization is a process that mixes portland cement with water and the existing soil to strengthen the subgrade.

Soil Stabilization

Lime Stabilization

Depending on the type of soil, it might be a better option to strengthen the subgrade by mixing lime with water and the existing soil.

Road Construction- Tiller And Compactor Stabilizing The Soil

Soil Stabilization

Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR)

FDR is a cost-effective and greener alternative to the reconstruction of dilapidated asphalt in roads and parking lots. The process includes pulverizing the full thickness of the old asphalt into the underlying base to provide a stronger subgrade for a new surface course. Chemical stabilizing agents such as cement are oftentimes added to the FDR process to provide extra strength to the underlying base.

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